Switches port coloring and icons

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The Plasma Cloud console offers a simple preview of each Access Point and Switch in your networks in order to monitor the usage of each single port remotely.

Following, you can find a quick explanation of the meaning of each coloring and icon used for these ports in our console.

port.svg This is the representation of an Ethernet port.

port-poe-disabled.svg When the PoE output is disabled, the port will show a crossed-out lightning in the middle.

port-connected-with-poe.svg When the Ethernet port is connected and PoE is drawn, the port will be colored in blue.

port-connected-without-poe.svg When the Ethernet port is connected but no PoE is drawn, the port will be colored in green.

port-uplink-connected-with-poe.svgport-uplink-connected-without-poe.svg When the Ethernet port is also used as an uplink port, it will have a yellow border around it.